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Cultivating Positive Minds

Cultivating Positive Minds, LLC was founded by Kiara Berry, author of Which Cape Will I Wear Today? A children's book about building self-esteem through positive self-talk. Our mission is to teach children about self-love and self-acceptance and how to embrace their differences and use them to succeed!

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Written By Kiara Berry

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Teaching your children positive self-talk at an early age will lay the foundation for future success!

Children will learn how they can build their self-esteem with positive thinking and positive self-talk. They will realize that their invisible capes help them have power over their thoughts and words that will help them build self-confidence and self-love. When children feel confident in themselves, they are more likely to succeed academically and achieve personal goals.


Reader's Favorite 5-Star Review!

Which Cape Will I Wear Today? by Kiara Berry is a delightful and imaginative little story about cultivating self-esteem in young children.

Every child is different, and as self-esteem may come more easily to some kids than others, Which Cape Will I Wear Today? inspires children to raise their self-esteem. Zach Orr’s illustrations are worthy of mention here as his beautiful and evocative visual contribution enriches children’s reading experience; the artwork helps to make concrete an important theme. I highly recommend this book for the brilliance of its message and art that both parents and children will appreciate.


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