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Ohio Education Association Podcast; Education Matters

About 80% of students entering first grade report having high self-esteem, but that number plummets to just 20% by the time they enter fifth grade. Kiara Berry, a Hamilton City Schools teacher, is on a mission to change that. She sat down to talk with us about her new, inspiring children's book that is all about promoting confidence and self-esteem.

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At Fairwood Elementary School they have been working on a "Resilience Building Curriculum" with their 5th graders. First Grade teacher Kiara Berry (along with her twin sister) presented to all 5th graders at the school on the importance of building self-esteem and confidence.


"When kids have confidence they are more likely to succeed inside and outside of school," Berry says. "It was really important for me to show them that they can do it so they can feel confident and want to try."

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